For chef Ford Fry, it all started with JCT. Kitchen & Bar, named after the very tracks in which it neighbors – Birmont JCT. Simply put, JCT is a junction in Atlanta’s Westside Market intended to be a neighborhood place that feels familiar after your first visit. Executive Chef Brian Horn focuses on super local ingredients with a no fuss approach as it was intended to be and you can expect to find amazing cheeses, country hams, and most of all, what the farmers are growing. The city-style upstairs bar serves up small plates, select entrées and craft cocktails. It’s the kind of place guests can gather amongst friends and family, sit back and sip a drink outside while listening to live music and enjoying true local cooking.



Brian Horn has felt at home in the kitchen since being immersed in his family’s culinary world from a young age: “My sister couldn’t even boil water, but I was always in the kitchen,” he says. Horn went on to study engineering at Penn State, when he realized it was his precise, orderly cooking techniques that made him come alive, so he enrolled in The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, and moved to Atlanta upon graduation.

Horn cooked professionally at Canoe and then Spice where he caught the attention of and received a call from a chef named Ford Fry, who was dreaming up a home-cooked style, comfortably hip restaurant to be situated in an up-and-coming, industrial part of Atlanta. Horn was hired on as Fry’s first culinary employee at JCT. Kitchen & Bar eight years ago. Since his time opening the restaurant, JCT. Kitchen & Bar has been lauded by Travel + Leisure, Zagat, Southern Living, SKY magazine, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as named one of the top restaurants in Atlanta for 2014 by The Atlantan.

“I love JCT because of what it’s innately about: I like to buy the best stuff you can, and not manipulate it too much. Let the ingredients shine. I want to continue the tradition of JCT– I love its philosophy of ‘simple done well.’”




In January of 2007, Ford Fry put down roots in Atlanta with the opening of his first restaurant, JCT. Kitchen & Bar – a place as warm and friendly as the chef himself.

Ford’s culinary vision always begins with the best ingredients. He sources locally not only because the food tastes better but because it allows him to partner closely with suppliers and honor local harvests. Using classic European techniques in his preparation results in dishes that are approachable and uncomplicated yet entirely new to his guests.

“I want to create restaurants that strike a timeless emotional chord – restaurants that don’t pander to trend, but draw generations of families together.”

In addition to keeping Atlanta well fed with no. 246, The Optimist, King + Duke and St. Cecilia, Ford is also the founder of one of Atlanta’s most popular food events, The JCT. Kitchen & Bar Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival. This annual event features the South’s best chefs and mixologists, who are paired with local farmers to create innovative tomato dishes, with proceeds benefitting Georgia Organics. The festival also creates  opportunities for chefs and attendees alike to meet producers and develop relationships to further support the local food movement.

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